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What do the British media say about sitting?

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Dementia risks from Prolonged Sitting

1 Jan 2024Read more

Sitting at your desk? New Study shows health risks

19 Jan 2024Read more

Sitting for more than 10 hours a day ‘linked to higher dementia risk’

13 Sep 2023Read more

Should I worry about how long I spend sitting down?

14 May 2023Read more

Sitting all day? Declare war on the chair – your health depends on it

28 April 2023Read more

Short activity bouts ‘can help type 1 diabetes patients with blood sugar levels’

28 April 2023Read more

Could a standing desk lower your chances of breast cancer?

6 Sept 2022Read more

Sitting for more than six hours a day can increase a person's risk of early death by 10%, study finds

17 June 2022Read more

Avoid sedentary behaviour: stop sitting still

5th Mar 2021Read more

During lockdown, 42% of UK adults admit they are sitting for at least 14 hours longer a week

21st Feb 2021Read more

Inactivity is an ongoing pandemic. The life-saving impact of moving your body

6th Feb 2021Read more

More evidence that sitting too much can make you resistant to exercise

2nd Feb 2021Read more

Reduce the chances of being a sitting duck for ill health by combating sedentary working-from-home life with intermittent activity

22nd Jan 2021Read more

Even moderate exercise can offset the harm of sitting too much

26th Nov 2020Read more

Every move counts towards better health

25th Nov 2020Read more

New WHO 2020 guidelines on physical activity and sedentary behaviour

25th Nov 2020Read more

Workplace ill-health the cause of some 40 million lost working days annually

1st Nov 2020Read more

The dangers of sitting all day

2nd Sep 2020Read more

Spending 30 minutes less time sitting down a day may cut the risks of dying from cancer

18th Jun 2020Read more

How to stay healthy while working from home during lockdown

2nd May 2020Read more

Home office health and fitness � you should try a standing desk

23rd Mar 2020Read more

Sitting Is Bad for Your Health, But Not All Types of Sitting Were Created Equal

26th Jun 2019Read more

Is sitting too much bad for your health?

19th Jun 2019Read more

Alarming new research claims 70,000 deaths a year are caused by our increasingly sedentary lives

25th Mar 2019Read more

Sitting for six hours a day is costing 50,000 lives and �700million a year

25th Mar 2019Read more

Sedentary lifestyles are killing us - we need to build activity into our everyday lives

19th Jan 2019Read more

Doing less sitting and more moving is tied to living longer

14th Jan 2019Read more

2 million Office Workers get active for 'On your feet Britain' day on 27 April

24th Apr 2018Read more

2 million Office Workers get active for 'On Your Feet Day'

22nd Apr 2018Read more

Nine tips to get you On Your Feet at work

20th Apr 2018Read more

Brain Health: Is Your Desk Job Damaging Yours?

14th Apr 2018Read more

Sitting too much may weaken areas of the brain

12th Apr 2018Read more

Study finds Sitting may increase the risk of Alzheimer's

12th Apr 2018Read more

Obesity could soon be the new smoking - cancer risk study shows

23rd Mar 2018Read more

British Journal Of Cancer Study Examines the Association Between Sedentary Behaviour and Increased Bowel Cancer Risk in Men.

9th Mar 2018Read more

Swedish Firms Impose Compulsory Exercise in a Bid To 'Boost Productivity'

28th Feb 2018Read more

Back on my feet: "Why I've switched to a standing desk"

20th Feb 2018Read more

Sitting is linked to 9 More Cancers

17th Feb 2018Read more

World Health Organization to Draft Global Action Plan to Promote Physical Activity

1st Feb 2018Read more

Do Standing Desks Really Help You Lose Weight?

1st Feb 2018Read more

Employers Offering Health and Wellbeing Benefits on the Rise

30th Jan 2018Read more

Why sitting down too much could be bad for your heart

29th Jan 2018Read more

Jamie Oliver: Stand at Your Desks Now, Class, and Fight Obesity

7th Jan 2018Read more

Sitting comfortably? Here's why too much sitting can be 'just as bad as smoking'

6th Nov 2017Read more

Time to make a stand against sitting down at work

23rd Oct 2017Read more

Doctors should conduct appointments standing up

12th Oct 2017Read more

Exercise May Reduce Metabolic Syndrome Risk in Workers Who Sit All Day

4th Aug 2017Read more

Sitting at Work Contributing to Chronic Health Problems, Researchers Report

27th Jul 2017Read more

Sitting: The one workplace habit you need to beat

25th Jul 2017Read more

Can sitting cancel out the benefits of exercise?

22nd Jun 2017Read more

What sitting down all day does to your body: How it affects the spine, organs and circulation.

2nd Jun 2017Read more

Why Britain needs to campaign for active working

10th Feb 2017Read more

Chair-bound Britons spend 9 HOURS of their day sitting down

8th Feb 2017Read more

10 facts on physical activity

2nd Feb 2017Read more

Standing up straight and improving posture could treat depression, study suggests

2nd Feb 2017Read more

Public Response to Active Working Health Guidance on Workplace Sedentary Behaviour

2nd Feb 2017Read more

High Heels And Workplace Dress Codes: Urgent Action Needed, Say U.K. MPs

25th Jan 2017Read more

Sitting Less Linked to Lower Risk of Diabetes

24th Jan 2017Read more

Australian Prime Minister using a standing desk

22nd Dec 2016Read more

Prof Stephen Hawking: 'Our being sedentary has become a major health problem'

2nd Dec 2016Read more

Breaking up long periods of sitting 'could help beat effects of Type 2 diabetes'

30th Nov 2016Read more

Sedentary lifestyle linked to poor reading skills in boys

30th Nov 2016Read more

Prolonged sitting increases "all-cause mortality"

21st Oct 2016Read more

Scottish health board wants staff to hold meetings standing up and "Beware of the Chair"

10th Oct 2016Read more

Is sitting really the new smoking? An in-depth discussion with the experts

7th Oct 2016Read more

Growing Evidence That Fitness Trackers Don�t Work

4th Oct 2016Read more

How to counter the deadly effects of sitting down all day

29th Sep 2016Read more

It only takes one hour of exercise per day to counter sedentary behaviour

3rd Aug 2016Read more

New study finds sitting down too much costs the world $67.5bn

30th Jul 2016Read more

Office workers must exercise for an hour a day to counter death risk

28th Jul 2016Read more

Walking meetings bring healthier lives to office workers

1st Jul 2016Read more

Standing desks boost productivity, not just health, study finds

31st May 2016Read more

Is YOUR job killing you? Long hours linked to heart disease Daily Mail

30th May 2016Read more

Is Standing Really Better Than Sitting At Work? Try Doing Both

29th May 2016Read more

Standing up in class makes children SMARTER

18th Apr 2016Read more

How much exercise do you need to undo the harm of a life spent sitting down?

5th Apr 2016Read more

Is a stand-up desk really healthier?

28th Mar 2016Read more

Sit-stand desks improves health and productivity Sydney University study reveals

18th Mar 2016Read more

Workers at sit-stand desks are more energised and productive, study finds

26th Feb 2016Read more

FM Alert: Impact Of Sit-Stand Equipment On Chronic Low Back Pain

11th Feb 2016Read more

Each hour of being sedentary increases risk of type 2 diabetes, researchers report

4th Feb 2016Read more

Is your job killing you?

16th Jan 2016Read more

Are sit-stand desks the solution to back pain at work?

23 December 2015Read more

Sitting for long periods during pregnancy linked to gestational diabetes

4 November 2015Read more

Stand up for 6 hours a day to 'banish a third of your body fat'

4 November 2015Read more

The Core Essentials: Standing Desks

29 September 2015Read more

The Price We Pay for Sitting Too Much

28 September 2015Read more

Standing the test of time

Standing the test of timeRead more

The scientific reason you should get a standing desk

2 September 2015

Strollers may be too sedentary for kids

26 August 2015Read more

Diabetes cases soar by 60% in past decade

17 August 2015Read more

Standing up for better heart health

5 August 2015Read more

Standing desks at schools: The solution to the childhood obesity epidemic?

21 July 2015Read more

"Once you realise what excessive sitting does to you, offering me a chair is basically like asking me to have a cigarette"

18 July 2015Read more

Sitting more than six hours a day increases risk of breast, ovary or bone marrow tumors

15 July 2015Read more

NHS trialling Sit-Stand desks to measure health benefits

9 June 2015Read more

As It Happens / Sitting Bad - Interview with Gavin Bradley (Founding Director - Active Working)

3 June 2015

Experts Recommend Standing For Two To Four Hours During Workday

3 June 2015Read more

Call for standing room only in offices to avoid sedentary behavior

2 June 2015Read more

Office Workers, On Your Feet!

2 June 2015Read more

Office employees should be on feet for four hours of working day

1 June 2015Read more

How Much Standing Is Required to Stay Healthy?

1 June 2015Read more

Office workers 'should stand up for two hours per shift to combat serious health risks'

1 June 2015Read more

Spending half the day on your feet reduces risk of heart attacks and cancer

1 June 2015Read more

Office workers told to stand or risk health

1 June 2015Read more

Stand up for at least two hours a day in office, workers warned

1 June 2015Read more

Strokes rising among people of working age, link to sitting

12 May 2015Read more

Most British and Irish People Will Be Overweight or Obese By 2030

7 May 2015Read more

STAND UP: Government backs plans to get football fans standing

29 April 2015Read more

Is standing at work better for you than sitting?

23 April 2015Read more

Spend your day sitting down at work?

21 April 2015Read more

Rise in the number of young people with back and neck pain due to sedentary lifestyle

13 April 2015Read more

Office workers 'too sedentary'

27 March 2015Read more

'Nearly half of male office workers only get off their seats for 30 minutes each day'

27 March 2015Read more

Interview with Gavin Bradley, Director of Active Working C.I.C

27 March 2015

Ever emailed the person sitting next to you? Your health may be at risk

27 March 2015Read more

Workers sitting ducks for illness

27 March 2015Read more

Are sit-stand desks an answer for sedentary British workers?

27 March 2015Read more

Chair-bound workers 'should move around every hour to reduce physical and mental health risks'

27 March 2015Read more

Office workers urged to move about more by new campaign

27 March 2015Read more

‘Sitting at the computer is killing us’

27 March 2015Read more

Britain's workers are 'sitting down too much'

27 March 2015Read more

Get Britain Standing: Office workers to get off backsides to improve health in new campaign

27 March 2015Read more

Nearly half of office workers get less than 30 minutes of activity a day and a third are so busy they delay going to the loo

27 March 2015Read more

"Couch potato" office culture could affect health

27 March 2015Read more

Office workers email colleagues at same desk

28 March 2015Read more

Sitting's Bad for the Heart. Each hour sat down increases levels of deposits in the arteries by 14%

6 March 2015Read more

Workers, stand up for your health...

27 February 2015Read more

Five Live Science - Interview with Dr. Michael Mosley on the Sitting Problem

17 January 2015

Is active working the answer to better productivity?

12 January 2015Read more

Carol Black: 'Employers should embrace active working'

09 January 2015Read more

Experts urge employers to combat impact of sedentary working

08 January 2015Read more

Don’t just sit there: how meetings waste time and money

03 November 2014Read more

Muscle Inactivity Behind the Health Risks of Excess Sitting

30 September 2014Read more

Take breaks, stay clean and keep blinking: 8 ways to stay healthy at your desk

30 September 2014Read more

Cardiff Uni seminar told of health risks for desk bound

18 September 2014Read more

Is sitting down bad for my health?

15th September 2014Read more

How standing might be the best anti-ageing technique

4th September 2014Read more

The War on Sitting: How Sitting Is Killing Us

2nd September 2014Read more

5 Ways to put more WELLNESS in your WORKPLACE

15th August 2014Read more

Sitting less can cut diabetes risk by up to 75%

28th July 2014Read more

Breakfast Interview with Dr. Mike Loosemore

20th June 2014

Jeremy Vine Interview with Dr. Mike Loosemore

20th June 2014

Get active! Sitting down for hours increases cancer risks

20th June 2014Read more

Exercise guidelines 'put people off'

20th June 2014Read more

Sitting down linked to higher risk of cancer

17th June 2014Read more

Interview featuring Hannah Rogers [Grove House Primary School] & Gavin Bradley

12th May 2014

Work at a desk? Then experts have worrying news...

8th May 2014Read more

Sitting while working can increase risk of diabetes

7th May 2014Read more

Interview with Gavin Bradley of Get Britain Standing

7th May 2014

You and Yours - featuring Dr Michael Mosley & Gavin Bradley

6th May 2014

Are you Sitting Comfortably?

15th April 2014

Interview with Gavin Bradley of Get Britain Standing

15th April 2014

Could offices change from sitting to standing?

15th April 2014Read more

Why doctors are now warning that sitting is the new smoking

15th April 2014Read more

How to tread the walk/life balance at work

17th March 2014Read more

Sitting comfortably? You won't be after reading this

4th March 2014Read more

How to work standing up

3rd December 2013Read more

Calorie burner: How much better is standing up than sitting?

16th October 2013Read more

Trust Me I’m a Doctor: The big standing up experiment.

Read more

The perils of sitting down - Standing orders

10th August 2013Read more

Sitting is the New Smoking- Even for Runners

20th July 2013Read more

Stand up at office to lose weight

9th January 2013Read more