Booking Your Installation

Getting you moving

  • STEP 1 Complete our Booking Information Form
  • STEP 2 We will offer you an Installation Date & Time within 7 – 12* working days (* see Zonal Map)
  • INSTALLATION DAY Installer will contact you 30 – 60 minutes before arrival

The sooner you complete the Booking Installation Form (BIF) the faster we can plan your installation service.
For questions contact:


NB: This form requires you to tick either YES or NO boxes.

1. ONSITE PARKING for our vehicle(s)

2. SITE ACCESS – Specific Instructions

3. FLOOR ACCESS (to where installation is taking place)


Desk Removal (from £80 Ex. VAT)

*Please email a photo of any desk requiring DISMANTLING or REMOVAL to:

IMPORTANT Information / Additional Fees:

Please note - We use our own dedicated teams to complete our installations therefore we are unable to offer specific days and/or times of choice.

  1. Once submitted any changes to the Booking Installation Form must be agreed upon in writing and may need to be requoted. If a second visit is to be scheduled a revisit fee of £80 Ex. Vat will be payable.
  2. Installations will start from 8:00 am (unless otherwise agreed by us in writing)
  3. The installation area must be kept clear and ready for the installation team to build your new desk.
  4. The installation team are to only build and position the agreed furniture items and will not be asked to maneuverer any other item unless pre-agreed and detailed in the Booking Installation Form
  5. Our installers are instructed for insurance reasons not to touch any IT or electrical equipment. Should such equipment need moving (or be causing an obstruction) it must be moved by a company representative (or the customer)
  6. Additional fees will apply for the following:
    • Dismantling / relocation of standard desks up to 180cm wide (from £80 Ex. VAT), Non-standard desks (price on application).
    • Late changes or cancellations (within 72 hours of the confirmed booking time) are subject to a Late Cancellation Fee of £80 Ex. VAT.
    • We will call you between 30-60 minutes before arriving and will require immediate access.Please plan for our installer to be allowed into the installation area without delay. Delays can cause a knock on effect on other customers installations. Customer delays which prevent you installation commencing, may incur an Additional Charge of £80 Ex. VAT